Why you’ll never ‘be ready’ to improve user experience

We continue to enjoy running half-day workshops across the UK, designed to explore the steps required to build towards pro-active service delivery that prioritises driving value around user experience. At these events we discuss how to shift from service level agreements (SLAs) to experience level agreements (XLAs).

The discussions our workshops foster, coupled with attendee feedback, show that organisations are at varying stages of this transformation and that it requires a cultural step-change in thinking – Nexthinking you could say!

“Really great ideas to implement into the XLA journey’ Wolseley Group”

A quote often attributed to Henry Ford is ‘if I had asked people what they wanted, it would have been faster horses’, and our esteemed industry colleague Paul Wilkinson has a great quote about CSI, that ‘continual improvement of the candle did not invent the light bulb’.

For us this symbolises service delivery keeping IT in reactive, fire-fighting mode, versus taking steps to improve user experience in a proactive way, that better aligns IT to the business.
It requires a different way of thinking, after all “the thinking that got you to where you are now, won’t get you to where you need to be”

Does your current service model and technology allow you to effectively measure end user experience in real time, from the employee’s perspective? Focus tends to be on issues reported to the service desk, but how many are never reported? What if degraded performance has become the norm? The perception of IT is also degraded. When your users don’t bother to complain anymore – because there is no point – you are not winning the service journey.

So when is the right time to make the shift? Afterall, IT cannot fire-fight their way to continual improvement, it requires a decision today to take the first step in a new direction.
Nexthink empowers organisations to gain full visibility into user experience and where to improve. Their digital experience score provides IT with a single score out of 10 that comprises rich data and real user feedback to inform IT where to make pro-active changes that will boost employee IT experience, and increase productivity and engagement.

With our most recent roadshow sessions stopping in London and Leeds, we look forward to meeting with more organisations in Manchester in September, and Edinburgh in December. Reserve your free ticket today and become part of the journey.

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