What is the Essence of Experience?

Throughout 2019 we have run our SLA To XLA Roadshow – ‘From Service To Experience’ across the country. We have visited London, Leeds and Manchester and end the year (and the decade) in Edinburgh on 4th December.

The concept of XLA’s (Experience Level Agreements) is gaining traction and whilst we appreciate there is a growing interest in the subject – we also want to continue to add value to our clients and therefore are keen to really understand what this means and how they can be effectively implemented.

Taking concepts into reality is not easy, but with demand is necessary. We have been discussing and presenting ideas around ‘Watermelon SLA’s’ those that appear green on the outside but are red in the eyes of the customer. Meeting all your performance and service targets, but still having unhappy customers – which might be an indicator that you need to review what you are measuring.

Our partners, Nexthink have been demonstrating how their tool takes the users perspective in, rather than the IT perspective outwards, combining hard metrics with user sentiment. This is a huge step for many IT functions, moving from a reactive position to a more proactive stance.

User sentiment is hard to capture – service is consumed at the point of the experience, it’s about how you make someone feel. Another huge part of delivering service effectively is to actively manage expectations.

We are delighted to announce that for our last roadshow of the year we have a couple of *bonus sessions* to support our existing content.

Alan Nance from Citrus Collab will be discussing the science of experience and how they are developing a range of courses and workshops that help to bring the theory into reality. The Essence of Experience is key to understanding concepts.

Also announcing that Henry Strouts and Jason McClay of SXP, who have launched a brand new business simulation product – offering experiential learning around Digital Transformation, will be joining us.

If you haven’t been to one of our events and feel that this is an area you need to explore we would be delighted to help you on your service journey. We call it From Service To Experience, and you can still book to attend. If you can’t make this one but are interested in future dates and locations then please do let us know at info@brighthorse.co.uk.

We hope to see you there!

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