The mApp Factory

Bright Horse has created an AppMart where clients to download pre-built applications or new databases that can be added to existing Cherwell Service Management™ implementations – allowing effective innovation without building from scratch.

We have built a portfolio of exciting Cherwell mApps (Merge-able applications) that can simply be downloaded into your Cherwell environment, saving you both time and money, without a single line of code required. Our solutions offer pre-built capabilities that enable IT teams to extend the value of Cherwell Service Management to accomplish extraordinary things. Rather than building new capabilities from scratch, you can simply contact us, discuss your requirements and download the right mApp for your environment.

Why Use Cherwell mApps?

Whether you want to extend your IT service management implementation, integrate with third-party products, or deliver services to other areas of the business, adding new capabilities to Cherwell is easy. Pre-built mApps can often be installed in a matter of minutes, and then customised to suit your needs using intuitive drag-and-drop wizards. No disruption to your production environment, and no need to involve skilled coding or development resources.

Our Cherwell mApps can drive down the cost of innovation by utilising capabilities that have already been built and then tuning them to your specific needs. This method eliminates the risks and costs associated with traditional software development.

What Is Available?

Our AppMart contains pre-developed plug and play functionality that customers can download and implement to enhance the functional capability of the tool. We are constantly looking to develop new ideas to keep your system fresh and to ensure you get long term value for your investment. Current mApps available from our AppMart include:

– Facilities
– Innovations
– Customer Compliments and Complaints
– Project Management
– Time-Recording
– Advanced Portals and Dashboards

In addition, our AppMart also contains specific business solutions such as HR and Managed Services tailored databases.

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