Putting Yourself Forward – Assertiveness Skills

This fascinating course is designed to help individuals communicate in a more positive and assertive fashion in the workplace and elsewhere. It demonstrates how we can create a more harmonious and productive environment by relating in more constructive and co-operative ways. The course also shows how we can get our needs met without having to compromise the needs of others.


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Learning objectives:
– Clear understanding of the true nature of assertiveness as distinct from aggression or submission
– Gain genuine confidence in communicating with others at all levels
– Develop the skills of assertive communication
– Increase self-awareness around assertive behaviour and communication
– Ability to have our needs more effectively met
– Build stronger relationships with others

Programme Content:

The true nature of assertiveness
– Defining terms – what precisely is assertiveness?
– Breaking the myths and misconceptions

The benefits of communicating assertively
– How assertiveness impacts on relationship
– The negative impact of other approaches

– Behaviour – getting it in perspective
– The four behavioural options
– How our conditioning prevents us being assertive – the two “taboos”
– React or respond? – the distinctions

Assertive language
– How we communicate
– The vital importance of integrity and congruence
– Assertive tone and body language

Being responsive
– The power of active listening as an assertiveness tool
– Gaining empathy and understanding

Putting yourself forward
– Making requests and the psychology of asking for what we want
– Saying “no”
– Negative feelings assertion

Dealing with “difficult” people
– Dissolving aggression in others
– Handling put downs
– Remaining calm and in control

Suitable For:
Anyone at any level – these are universal life skills!


A room with tables and chairs suitable for a classroom layout.

This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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