Motivating Others

Theories abound about what motivates us and it is the subject of ongoing debate. However, this programme steers away from mere theory and approaches the subject through the actual experiences of the participants. As a result, it helps delegates gain a more real and practical insight into the subject.


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Learning objectives:
– Have a clearer understanding of what truly motivates us and why
– Recognise the distinction between extrinsic and intrinsic motivators
– Gain clarity on your own key “drivers” in life
– Understand how values are fundamental to motivation
– Apply motivational knowledge and skills to the management/leadership role

Programme Content:

Motivation – our personal experience
– Re-living occasions when we were and were not motivated
– The real motivators based on previous experience

Managing for high motivation
– Why motivation is so crucial
– Steps a manager/team leader can take to foster greater motivation
– Leader or Manager? The distinctions
– The role of emotion

Intrinsic or extrinsic?
– The shortcomings of traditional, extrinsic (reward/punishment) motivational approaches
– Seeking to motivate from the “inside out”

Drivers and values
– Taking a more individual approach to motivating people

Getting things done
– Persuading and influencing whilst maintaining motivation
– Making and refusing requests
– Maintaining long term commitment

Suitable For:
Managers, team leaders and others responsible for the well-being and performance of people at work.


A room with tables and chairs suitable for a classroom layout.

This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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