ITSM Simulation

This interactive simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding and acceptance of service management concepts such as ITIL.

Facilitated in the fast world of global on-line retail, the simulation brings to life the service management, cultural and process issues faced by organisations and encourages strategic partnership between IT and the business.

The simulated environment allows participants to experience complex situations or best practices, while creating breakthrough understanding of benefits and consequences. The format allows participants to learn from their mistakes, make adjustments, and actually test out “new knowledge” by putting it to use.

Simulations are an excellent education tool and enabler, helping to drive understanding and gain commitment to change at all levels of an organisation. By engaging every sense, they are a powerful medium for change.



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Event Overview
Delivered over a number of ‘rounds’, gaming dynamics are used to mirror interactions between IT and the business, from both a strategic and operational perspective. The experience also continues between rounds through defined service transition phases requiring the participants’ engagement in planning for service improvements.

Participants progress through the rounds, increasing operational maturity and gaining a holistic understanding of quality service management as they go. In addition, the simulation experience continues between rounds through defined service transition phases which require the participants engagement in planning for strategic and operational continuous service improvements.

Target Group
The simulation can be comfortably used within all levels of an organisation from Senior Executives to IT Operations staff and, by the end of the day, you will have gained a detailed understanding of exactly how ITSM/ITIL can work for you – and, importantly, your organisation.

The simulation can be used in a number of different scenarios to engage, hook, sell or train around ITSM best practices.

Benefits of the simulation include:
– Creates rapid familiarisation with ITSM/ITIL terminologies, tools and processes
– Provides realisation of the contribution that enterprise IT makes to business success
– Breaks down silos, energising and motivating staff towards successful change
– Creates commitment to ITSM related improvement programs

How it Works

Round 1
The first round of the simulation results in chaos. This poor performance is typical in Round 1 and is highlighted by poor communication between groups, pressure being applied to IT Ops and participants (IT and Business Units) working in silos.

Round 2
The second round of the simulation addresses the issues of Round 1, with a view to introducing best practices and tools to improve performance. These include: Refining and improving Incident Management, introduction of Problem and Event Management, Change, Knowledge and Release Management, Introduction of Service Level and Capacity Management and Service Strategy, including Service Portfolio Management.

Round 3
As participants move through further on the journey of operational maturity, they are immersed in maturing the Service Desk, Incident Management, Problem, Event, Change and Knowledge Management processes. Participants are also introduced to SACM, Release & Deployment and CSI processes.

Round 4
Round 4 demonstrates practically the performance improvements realised from employing ITSM tools and best practices. Further focus on knowledge and configuration management is placed in this round.

Round 5
In the fifth round of the simulation, participants have successfully implemented tools, processes and best practices taught through the previous rounds and optimal operational maturity is reached. Performance is optimised, and IT and the Business Units operate in perfect alignment. The immersive and experiential nature of the simulation means that participants can relate these tools and processes in the context of their own organisation.

ITIL® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Ltd, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.


A room to accommodate the event. Maximum of 16 participants and a minimum of 8 due to the number of roles involved in the simulation – groups of 12-14 are ideal. A room layout plan will be provided. Facilities for setting up a projector and laptop to run the simulation are also required. 2 flipcharts and pens.

This event is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements so that we can provide you with a formal quotation.

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