It’s About Time

An intensive and time efficient programme that aims to offer real, practical tools and skills for being more organised and focused in the workplace. Whilst not being able to “make” more time for participants, the course shows how much more efficient use may be made of the time available.



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Learning objectives:
– Have a clearer understanding of the principles of good time management and how it impacts on work performance
– Be able to plan, organise and prioritise work more efficiently
– Possess the skills to be able to “work smarter” within time available
– Have the confidence to deal with unrealistic outside demands on time
– Come away with proven methods of reducing stress and pressure, hence improving performance

Programme Content:

Time management and its relationship with work performance
– Why our relationship with time is so critical
– Understanding time and uncovering the “great time management myth”
– Time – the great leveller

The time management “toolbox”
– Establishing approaches for a more efficient, stress free environment
– Practical, organisational and interpersonal tools

What stops us
– Identifying and dealing with the classic “time stealers”
– The importance of boundaries and discipline
– Recognising a disorganised mind

– Urgent or important? – the distinctions
– The urgent/important matrix
– The vital importance of prioritising and categorising tasks effectively and in keeping with job role

– Setting clear objectives
– Scheduling tasks and the funnelling down approach
– Time mapping
– Use of diaries and prompts

Interpersonal aspects
– Assertiveness and interpersonal skills
– Managing others’ expectations
– Dealing appropriately with interruptions
– Respecting our boundaries and saying “no” constructively

Reducing unnecessary stress
– “Enough is enough” – knowing when to switch off
– Achieving optimum work/ life balance
– The investment value of down time and thinking time
– Stress reduction and relaxation techniques

Suitable For:
Anyone with issues around time or who may be stressed, disorganised or frustrated at the “lack” of time they encounter.


A room with tables and chairs suitable for a classroom layout.

This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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