Self-service Portal Design

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People expect enterprise IT to reflect the technical possibilities of the time – self-service has become the norm and people want real time information to make better business decisions. Does your IT function support this model or is your delivery out dated and reporting stuck in the past?

Not only that, we are finding an increase in demand from managed services organisations whose clients are demanding access to the service information that relates to their entitlement and service levels provided.

There are a large number of service request and incident activities, performed at the Service Desk, that can be automated and performed directly by customers, decreasing the administration and work load on the desk. This in turn frees up the Service Desk agents to perform more high value work.

Call logging, password resets, knowledge articles for self-help and ordering from the service request catalogue are just a few services that can be automated through our customised self-service portals.

Designed with you, the client, and branded with your colour scheme and logos, the portal facilitates the move to ‘shift left’ and allows for a dashboard view of the service information.

We have designed many portals and our customers love them for the clarity they bring to real time information.Want to know more?


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