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Our HR Service Solution automates advanced HR functionality saving customers both time and money from traditional software development costs. If your HR team/department is struggling to deliver excellent service due to a lack of effective automation, or too many emails…, look no further than our HR Case Management solution.

We developed the system in conjunction with clients who saw the potential for service management to be applied to the human resource processes, to improve service provision.

Many organisations rely heavily on email to manage service. The problem with this is a lack of central visibility and formalised, consistent processing. Design once, repeat and improve, don’t reinvent the approach to solutions every time.

Removing the reliance on email means contacting the HR department with issues and requests can be managed in a structured, repeatable manner, delivering efficiencies and more effective case handling and management.

Our HR mApp database has been installed in some key public and private organisations with over 25,000 customers using it. Combining customers HR expertise with our service management experience, underpinned by an effective tool, means our Process Design Practice has created and productised some of the most robust “best practice” HR processes including:

  • Recruitment
  • Disciplinary
  • Acceptable Behaviour at Work
  • Performance Management
  • Grievance


If you would like more information about how our HR app can enhance your HR Service automation, lets make something exceptional happen – Contact Us Here

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