Cherwell Facilities Management

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As with many internal service functions, they rely heavily on email to manage service. The problem with this is a lack of central visibility and formalised, consistent processing. It is also near impossible to measure and manage performance of how the service is being delivered from multiple inboxes.

As with HR, we have developed the Cherwell system in order that facilities departments could effectively manage the services they are providing. Design once, repeat and improve – don’t reinvent the approach to solutions every time.

Whether you are looking after buildings, need to manage work orders, track time and materials against jobs or the progress of projects and the members involved, we have a tool that can help.

All of this is managed through a single central portal which can be customised to your corporate brand and enables users to check the progress of work orders or requests for themselves.

If you think our Cherwell solution could assist with managing your facilities – please get in touch to arrange a demo.


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