Webinar for End Users – ‘Introduction to Implementing XLA’s’

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Webinar for End Users – ‘Introduction to Implementing XLA’s’

Webinar for End Users – ‘Introduction to Implementing XLA’s’


“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel”. This famous quote by Maya Angelou has never been more important to UK organisations as they emerge from weeks of enforced lockdown and remote working. It is now independently recognised that measuring and improving employee experience is recognised as the big differentiator for CIOs over the next 2 years.

A key component to unlocking IT success and ensuring great employee experience is the creation and management of Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) to underpin improvement in employee experience. But what does this mean to existing SLAs? How do you start in developing XLAs? Is there a best practice framework to follow? How can you govern these as they become the new normal? Throughout this webinar we will clearly answer the above questions and show attendees the best practice approach to improving employee experience and introducing XLAs.

Attendees will receive practical guidance on how to implement an XLA.


Neil Keating is the Co-Founder and CEO of Bright Horse who have been pioneering the pathway for improved employee experience since he started the company. Neil has worked in IT Services both internally and externally all his career and having worked on creating multiple outsourcing contracts is an expert in designing and managing IT Services to meet organisations changing experience needs.

For the last 12 months Neil has been delivering virtual events around the UK helping organisations move from SLAs to XLAs and with partners XLACollab, has helped create accredited Experience courses covering both the Art and the Science of employee experience.

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