25th October 2018 – Service Improvement Event

Service Improvement & ITIL – too much focus on infrastructure, not enough focus on information?


Frameworks were developed to manage and make sense of the complexity and chaos that was IT – to enable the effective management of services, to balance the planned versus unplanned reactive work that arises when siloed working and a lack of communication creates operational issues.

So how is it that ITIL has become completely focused on infrastructure and not at all on the information it was designed to provide.  The purpose of management information is to view the current situation and to reference the past to make better guided and informed decisions for the business in the future.

Of course, what worked before may not always work in the future, but NO view means business critical objectives may be impacted by decisions made based on little or no accurate information.

The revised version of ITIL – v4 is due for release Q1 2019 – is intended to move the framework, closer to the digital age – without throwing out all that is still relevant, and to package it up so it aligns more closely to the concepts around integrated Service Management.

Getting closer to the business via improved engagement (BRM) requires an understanding of the strategy and the portfolio to be supported.  The Plan and Build elements are supposed to be the ‘Planned Work’ that moves into production/live and is operated by support – which is where most of the unplanned work occurs. Frameworks can help to improve the processes that flow through these elements.

This FREE half day event is an exploration of how ITIL was also intended to manage information for the business and how improvements can be made in this area.

Brian Johnson – ITIL – too much focus on infrastructure not enough focus on information?

As an original contributor to ITIL and author of over 30 books, Brian knows his stuff!  Relating to the principles in his book – ‘ITIL and the Information Lifecycle’ he explores whether far too much focus is placed on infrastructure and not enough on the information!

Neil Keating – How tools can automate the processing leading vs lagging information!

How dashboard reporting functionality in ITSM tools can enable better information processing at the service desk. Reduce time and therefore costs to provide live data facilitating better information and decisions. Get a view on how this can eliminate spreadsheet and PowerPoint hell for the monthly management reports and enable a more proactive use of operational resources.

Chris Markiewicz – Free up your staff and develop them to enable effective service!

It was always the goal to provide better service.  The objective of the service desk is to be the face of IT. Regardless of the tools and technical skills – are they capable and empowered to deliver excellent service?

Registration has ended for this event. Check out our events page for upcoming events!

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