Strategic Review

Our Strategic Review will help identify a roadmap for the future of IT Service Management – or potentially Enterprise Service Management.  The roadmap will identify a plan of how to deliver against the stated vision, which (if it exists) requires a strong leadership team and great communication. A review includes how the leadership communicates and engages with its employees.

It begins with a review of the IT organisations Vision for the future – this can be at the level of a function or department – but must align with the overall business direction. We often see departments working in total isolation within their technical or functional silos – on the same type of projects, not leveraging the benefit of shared vision, resources and deliverables. The goals may be the same but with no cohesion the results are often very fragmented.

Once the Vision is established you need to understand how to obtain the full support of the people expected to deliver against it. How an organisation plans for development of the people is a good indicator of the likelihood of success. Are they inspired, motivated, educated and willing to change? Does the overall culture of the organisation and its values support the changes required of the people? Are there development plans and metrics in place to measure performance against targets? This all requires an effective training and communication plan.

Defining the service which delivers the vision is great. What is crucial is to identify what systems make up the service – people, process and technology are equally important. All good service is underpinned by well defined, effectively executed processes. Efficiencies come from optimising and then automating the processes, regardless of where and how the service is delivered. The review identifies potential issues with process immaturity, bottlenecks and lack of ownership.

Technology is often the main point of focus when reviewing overall systems and performance, but should not be reviewed in isolation. Reducing cost and improving the ROI for any ITSM implementation is achieved when the functional and technical requirements of a tool are clearly understood, defined and mapped to effective process.

It is also key to look at other functional areas that can benefit from the same technology e.g. HR or Facilities, and to realise the best value to improve service across and within the organisation not just in IT. There are also benefits to be realised through integration with other technologies to enhance the overall service and support experience.

Suppliers & Partners are of strategic importance in the delivery of great service. Ensuring that they can support and underpin the service you deliver is key. Managing relationships, commercials and agreed service levels helps the overall programme of change, with good governance encompassing all of the elements required to deliver the plan.

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