Process Workshops

As part of our overall approach to improving service capability, one of the key success factors is well defined, effectively executed and automated processes. Through our process workshops we can assist with the design, implementation or improvement of service management processes that are required to underpin any service.

With years of experience in ITSM and the ITIL framework, across a wide range of industry sectors, we’ve worked with many clients who experience issues with process maturity.

This issue is often identified when trying to define the functional requirements of a tool. If there is no process, or they are immature, it may be difficult to identify what it ‘should’ do compared to what it ‘could’ do. Many ITSM tools come with ITIL based process defined out of the box but, whilst similar issues consistently arise, no two organisations are the same and the vanilla approach will not necessarily deliver the specific results required.

Maturity of process is determined by a number of key factors from the guiding principles, policies and documentation, review of activities, ownership and accountability, whether there are any bottlenecks and problem with approvals.

During our process workshops we will work through the process flows, roles and responsibilities in order to identify issues which can then be addressed.  Whether they are documented as part of overall improvement, developed from scratch, or re-designed or enhanced to support an improved service, especially when configuring a tool to support the process.

So, if you are looking to improve overall service and need a review of your service management processes, we can help.

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