About Bright Horse

Why Bright Horse?


To be productive in today’s digital workplace, where 50% of the workforce now come from the millennial (or younger) generation, employees in all organisations need to feel engaged with the business and be given the right tools and systems to enable them.

Many employees are dissatisfied (read angry) with irrelevant service levels and metrics that focus on systems and targets rather than their actual experienceof the services being provided.

Bright Horse’s complete focus is to help organisations fix these issues by measuring, managing and improving employees experience of their digital workplace. We Educate, Assess, Advise and provide Technical Solutions to ensure that IT delivers the right outcomes and values.

Whether IT is insourced, outsourced or co-sourced, we work with all IT service departments to move to a modern mechanism of measuring IT performance.  We create the right Experience Metrics (XLAs/DeX, DeM), processes and systems to ensure that our customers can deliver awesome IT Services that enable their customers to be awesome too.

We love what we do, we deliver on our promises and we have fun.

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Meet the Team

  • Neil Keating

    Neil Keating

    CEO - Chief Experience Officer

    As Chief Experience Officer of Bright Horse, Neil’s main responsibility is to ensure our customers receive the right services and solutions to meet their unique business needs.


    With a background in running managed and professional service organisations for over 20 years, Neil brings experience to the organisation acquired working for organisations such as PinkRoccade, Getronics, Eurodata and Liberata.


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  • Ken Wilson

    Ken Wilson

    Co-Founder and Experience Chair

    Ken has had a long and varied career in People, Process and Technology ranging from Professional Football to founding the First ITIL accredited Organisation Pink Elephant to Managing IT Software companies.


    The motivation is to provide new improved methods like Coerver Coaching, ITIL and now the Employee Experience Movement with the inaugural classes.


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  • Carol Bowker

    Carol Bowker

    Advisory & Technical Consultant

    Carol was one of our first recruits and we think that is worth a mention here! As one of our consultants, Carol has a background in service operations, service processes (ITIL) and technology. Working on a number of varied projects at any given time, Carol’s breadth of knowledge, cultural awareness and technical experience are key benefits to all our clients and is one of the main reasons they always ask for her to return to deliver new projects.


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  • Steve Beavis

    Steve Beavis

    Chief Technology Officer

    Steve joined Bright Horse in 2017 to supplement the existing technical and solutions team. With a wealth of experience in overseeing technology implementations of all sizes, he is a senior asset to our client projects and our “go-to” person for all things technical.

    His background over the past twenty years, across many different service technologies, Steve is best placed to work with our customers to bring about improved employee experience.


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  • Jacob George

    Jacob George

    External Financial Advisor

    Jacob is our external financial advisor and accountant. As Bright Horse continues to grow, his good financial advice has allowed us to make key investments in people, processes and technology that benefit our customers.


    Jacob has been in the financial profession since the 1980s working for both large and small firms in London and the surrounding areas.


    He didn’t want a photo but we thought we should include him as he pays our wages!

  • It Could Be You!

    It Could Be You!

    Do You Stand Out From The Crowd?

    We are always on the lookout for exceptional talented people who stand out from the crowd and think the same way as we do.


    If you have outstanding advisory / consultancy skills and have the right attitude to deliver exceptional services to our clients, then let’s start a conversation and come and join the employee experience movement!


    Check out our vacancies here.

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