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Modern day employees are under enormous pressure to perform as efficiently as possible in an ever-changing environment. Too few are fully equipped with the skills to be able to prioritise their workloads, deal with challenging situations, build and nurture relationships and push back when overloaded.

Bright Horse offer a wide range of courses aimed at developing employees’ personal skills to make them more effective in the workplace. Whether that’s assertiveness, gold standard customer care or to manage their time more effectively, we will work with you to define a course that develops the skills your employees need to operate efficiently and effectively in your environment.

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ITSM Simulation

This interactive simulation is a high-impact, energetic way to accelerate understanding and acceptance of service management concepts such as ITIL. Facilitated in the fast world of global on-line retail, the simulation brings to life the service management, cultural and process issues faced by organisations and encourages strategic partnership between IT and the business. The simulated environment allows participants to experience…

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DevOps Simulation

The DevOps simulation is a highly interactive experiential learning workshop which demonstrates the business value and positive impact of a DevOps approach. With over 50% of large it enterprises using, or intending to use, a DevOps approach in the next year, less than half of those already using DevOps report any level of success. When asked to identify the biggest…

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Communication Skills

This course looks at the fundamental importance of communication. It makes all the difference when done well. Many issues we encounter on a daily basis in Service Management boil down to a lack of, or poor communication. Everyone should be involved in communications, internal and external to ensure maximum success. This course takes a look at the key elements of…

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Dealing with Difficult Customers

This course will provide a much clearer understanding of why people appear to behave “unreasonably”. It will explore our own personal relationship with such behaviours, and equip delegates with the skills and attitude to deal effectively with such people. It will create a more understanding and less fearful approach to the prospect of dealing with “difficult” and “unreasonable” people. Employees will…

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Customer Care Excellence

“Great customer care is released, not taught” This course provides a deeper understanding of the value of good customer care and how it fits into the “bigger picture”. It will help employees at all levels to see things much more from the customers’ perspective, and appreciate how that will lead to greater success and improved relationships.

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Steps to Effective Management

A four day programme that may be run as a one off event or in the form of two x two day events or four, one day modules. NB: Individual modules may be run as “one off” short, sharp events or a cropped version of the programme may be run over a shorter period made up of a combination of…

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Creative Conflict Resolution

This course takes delegates through the skills required to deal with conflict in the workplace, whether between individuals or groups of people. Much of the focus is put on how we react to and behave in conflict situations and how this will impact on others. Particular emphasis is put on how conflict may be dealt with at early stages before…

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Meetings Meetings

The average manager spends at least 50% of their time attending meetings – are these all necessary? How can they be more productive? This concise yet comprehensive course answers these and other provocative questions, so as to ensure best possible use of meeting time.

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It’s About Time

An intensive and time efficient programme that aims to offer real, practical tools and skills for being more organised and focused in the workplace. Whilst not being able to “make” more time for participants, the course shows how much more efficient use may be made of the time available.  

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Influencing Skills

This programme gives participants the opportunity to explore and identify what true influence is and how they may become more influential with others. The course explodes the myth that people are “born influencers” and shows how, through a change in mindset and application of specific skills, they can develop the “natural authority” to influence with integrity.

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Beyond Win/Win – Negotiation Skills

This event looks at collaborative negotiation, based on mutual respect and a genuine desire that all parties have what they want. Fundamental to this is looking to the long term and how negotiation is part of building strong, sustainable relationships. Anyone seeking clever tactics and tricks - keep away!  

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Putting Yourself Forward – Assertiveness Skills

This fascinating course is designed to help individuals communicate in a more positive and assertive fashion in the workplace and elsewhere. It demonstrates how we can create a more harmonious and productive environment by relating in more constructive and co-operative ways. The course also shows how we can get our needs met without having to compromise the needs of others.

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Motivating Others

Theories abound about what motivates us and it is the subject of ongoing debate. However, this programme steers away from mere theory and approaches the subject through the actual experiences of the participants. As a result, it helps delegates gain a more real and practical insight into the subject.

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