Simulation Events

We understand that successful change only comes with winning the hearts and minds of the people involved in any given project. Engaging people effectively requires effort across company culture, through planned communication and ongoing education.

With this in mind, Bright Horse have partnered with G2G3 to enable us to offer professional simulation events, which complement our existing portfolio of technology and process services.

Simulation events can add significant value to Cultural Change and Service Improvement initiatives. Research has shown that using experiential learning to help provide instruction and instant feedback to learners can generate significant improvements in results and retention. By creating the perception of social interaction, outcomes improve, and the learner gains more enjoyment from the actual learning process. “Learning is the process whereby knowledge is created through the transformation of experience” (Kolb, 1984, p. 38).

Our ITSM and DevOps simulation events place people into a realistic (safe) simulated environment that allows them to experience theory brought to life, while creating breakthrough understanding of benefits and consequences of roles, responsibilities and processing activities.

Our customers tell us the major benefits of this approach are; the speed of learning, clarity of demonstrating new concepts and of gaining a new perspective on the pressures faced by colleagues, where perhaps previously they had not considered this. A very powerful tool in any programme of change.

Please use the following links for more information about the ITSM simulation and DevOps simulation events.

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