ABC of ICT Workshop

As a key part of our cultural change toolkit, the ABC of ICT (Attitude, Behaviour and Culture) workshop helps identify issues which could pose a risk to the success of your projects.

ABC is like an iceberg, much of it hidden beneath the surface, yet capable of inflicting enormous damage’ to your organisation, or more importantly, your business! With growing importance of IT to business operations we can no longer afford to have improvement programs and initiatives fail because of Attitude, Behaviour or cultural issues. Based upon the book which describes what ABC is, and why it is important this workshop provides a light hearted review of the issues faced by your employees.

Delivered as a ½ day workshop style event, using the ABC card deck as the basis for discussion, this provides a platform to highlight and raise issues that align to the ABC concepts and which negatively and positively impact service.

These issues can be classified and categorised depending upon the perceived level of risk identified and the likelihood of it derailing improvement efforts.

This is most useful when built around a programme of change that seeks to address internal issues with communication and traditional siloed operations. Regardless of the frameworks adopted within your business, engaging the people is a critical success factor for influencing and changing behaviours and reducing resistance to change.

Hundreds of events with IT practitioners globally has identified the Top 10 ABC issues – which can be seen in full in the blog written by the author Paul Wilkinson…an example at number 2 in the issues charts is:

Saying ‘Yes’, but meaning ‘No’ 
People promise to deliver new procedures or designs and fail to do so; other work is more important. Or in live operation people say they will follow a procedure or update a tool but don’t. When managers back-up this type of behavior or fail to give direct, open feedback the problem becomes a spiral of failure and people saying ‘see! we told you ITIL was no good’.

Without management commitment this will derail your ITSM improvement initiative.


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