Cultural Change

Coaching, mentoring and experiential learning to support and deliver organisational change programmes.

Continuous improvement or transformation? Either way organisations need to evolve and innovate – or die – and this drives change. Change at this level requires personal development for all of those involved. Changing the culture of an organisation requires strong and visionary leadership, a strong and cohesive management team and the buy in and support of the employees.

As well as a clear plan and great communication, coaching and mentoring are key to ensuring everyone is behind the planned changes. Key to success however, is not just the acknowledgement of strategies, policies, systems, tools and working practices and processes, but primarily of identifying desired attitudes and behaviours – and to eliminate those which are undesirable.

Simulation Events are a very powerful tool, experiential learning provides employees with a practical experience, in order to assimilate key learning points with a new way of working. The benefits of walking a mile in someone else’s shoes are improved communication, breaking down operational silos to improve cross functional and technical working practices and to identify and seek to eliminate obstructive and negative behaviours.

Many organisations talk about the importance of good communication, yet still very few identify formal programmes of cultural change and improvement to support technology and process changes.

Customer care excellence as a cultural value can also bring internal benefits, improving team performance, reducing complaints and providing a more dynamic and fulfilling working environment.  Organisations spend a significant amount of money on service improvement initiatives but often do not take the opportunity to refresh the service skills of their teams at the same time.

Bright Horse have a range of services that can support organisations throughout the lifecycle of their projects and we welcome the opportunity to talk to you about them in greater detail.

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