Customer Care Excellence

“Great customer care is released, not taught”

This course provides a deeper understanding of the value of good customer care and how it fits into the “bigger picture”. It will help employees at all levels to see things much more from the customers’ perspective, and appreciate how that will lead to greater success and improved relationships.


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Learning Objectives:
– A deeper understanding of the value of good customer care and how it fits into the “bigger picture”
– See things much more from the customers’ perspective and appreciate how that will lead to greater success and improved relationships
– Have the skills and confidence to deal with other people in the most professional and efficient manner
– Possess the interpersonal skills to be able to handle customer enquiries and queries to everyone’s satisfaction
– Gain the confidence to deal with any “difficult” or complaining customers and develop the ability to turn such situations to the positive
– Take away practical tools and strategies to employ alongside a shift in perspective and attitude

Programme to Include

The Foundations
– What underlies excellent and poor customer service – how it feels
– The customer service “wheel” – highlighting the internal customer
– Why and how everyone in your organisation influences customer care and company performance
– The vital importance of well-being and its impact on performance – the “WASP” model

“Walking the Talk” – The Interpersonal Skills
– Introduction to the interpersonal skills
– How we communicate and our communication styles
– Making a good initial impression – striking the right balance
– Do we really say that? – The profound impact of our language

Managing the Customer
– Taking the assertive, yet empathic approach
– Communicating with precision and clarity
– Keeping promises and delivering the goods
– Managing customer expectations

“From a Scream to a Thank You”
– Dealing with “difficult” customers and situations – the “LAW” model
– The vital importance of listening as a customer care skill and for defusing situations
– Seeking further information and gaining rapport through effective questioning skills
– Why customers get angry – we all can!
– Separating the person from the issue – avoiding “bad person illusion”
– Exploring how we personally react or respond to challenging situations
– The upside of complaints – using them to strengthen the relationship and make improvements
– Taking ownership of situations and ensuring follow through


A room with tables and chairs suitable for a classroom layout.

This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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