Communication Skills

This course looks at the fundamental importance of communication. It makes all the difference when done well. Many issues we encounter on a daily basis in Service Management boil down to a lack of, or poor communication.

Everyone should be involved in communications, internal and external to ensure maximum success. This course takes a look at the key elements of effective communications.

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Learning objectives:
– Have a clearer understanding of how we communicate and how that impacts on our work life and relationships
– Be able to communicate more effectively by telephone
– Recognise the value and importance of interpersonal skills such as listening and asking the right questions
– Have the confidence and ability to deal more effectively with “difficult” people and situations
– Come away feeling more confident and motivated in their roles

Programme to include:

The fundamentals
– Communication – the oil that lubricates
– How we communicate – words, tone and body language
– Identifying the right communication method to suit the situation
– The power of body language. The myths!
– Communication methods
– Which method for which situation?
– The “emotion-Information” grid
– The telephone as a business tool – appropriate use and approaches
– Written communication – benefits and pitfalls

Interpersonal Skills
– The “LAW” model
– Active listening skills – how to really listen
– What stops us. Why we don’t listen
– Two level questioning to identify real needs
– Handling differences
– Adapting our style to that of the other party – the nature of empathy
– Dealing with “difficult” people and situations – what stops us. React or respond?
– Recognising and avoiding “bad person illusion”
– Controlling behaviour in tough situations through greater awareness


A room with tables and chairs suitable for a classroom layout.

This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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