Beyond Win/Win – Negotiation Skills

This event looks at collaborative negotiation, based on mutual respect and a genuine desire that all parties have what they want. Fundamental to this is looking to the long term and how negotiation is part of building strong, sustainable relationships. Anyone seeking clever tactics and tricks – keep away!



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Learning objectives:
– Have a clearer understanding of the negotiation process
– Possess a toolkit of skills and processes to help them negotiate more effectively
– Be able to deal with tough, canny and uncompromising negotiators whilst retaining an atmosphere of mutual respect
– Have the ability to effectively negotiate the best possible deals/arrangements
– Approach the prospect of negotiation with greater enthusiasm, vigour and confidence leading to greater success all round

Programme Content:

What is negotiation?
– Exploring our perceptions of negotiation – the facts, the myths
– Negotiation styles – the three options

The collaborative mindset
– Moving beyond positional bargaining
– Compromise or win/win – the distinctions
– Working with underlying interests

Preparing to negotiate
– Setting clear objectives and parameters
– Establishing the potential bargaining arena and where to open/pitch
– Mapping” the negotiation – preparing a strong case whilst recognising the other parties’ interests – “beyond win/win”!
– Identifying and using the “walk away” alternative to boost confidence

The interpersonal skills and structure
– Applying the “LAW” model in negotiation
– The power and importance of active listening
– Questioning to uncover real needs and motives
– The stages of a negotiation

The negotiation process
– The principles of effective trading – away from “concessions”
– Generation of options
– Developing creative solutions with the other party

Dealing with tough, difficult negotiators and “tricky tactics”
– Saying “no” whilst retaining respect
– Knowing when to walk away
– Spotting “tricky tactics” and being able to deal with them

Closing the negotiation
– Summarising and ensuring clarity all round
– Structuring the agreement
– Ensuring an “all win” outcome

Suitable For:
Anyone who sees negotiation as being part of their role – the programme covers both internal and external negotiation.


A room with tables and chairs suitable for classroom layout.


This course is offered as an onsite option that can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Price will depend on duration and number of people who require training.  Please contact us for pricing.

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