Personality Types on the Service Desk?

There are many models and frameworks for assessing and classifying personality types and traits, but when it comes to effective working in a customer service driven environment, such as the Service Desk, can you recognise some or all of these self-sabotaging behaviours and characteristics that may lead to issues in individual or team performance?

The Perfectionist
You believe that if a job’s worth doing, it needs doing perfectly – even if it takes twice as long as you anticipated and yet doesn’t require perfection in the first place.

You are excellent at fine detail and have high standards. However, you can be critical of yourself and others when these standards are not met.

Your perfectionist tendencies mean that you sabotage by:
– taking far longer than necessary over a job
– not starting a task because there’s not time to ‘do it properly’
– shutting off from other important activities
– being unaware of the value of “a good enough job”

The Pleaser
You like to please people, even if it means inconveniencing yourself. You can be good to have around the workplace, making other people feel better. However, your need to please means that your own needs (including for managing your time) are not met. Ultimately you can become resentful and over-stressed.

You sabotage by:
– being unable to say ‘no’
– not asking for what you want
– backing away from confrontation at all costs
– avoiding decisions that may be unpopular

The Strongman/Strongwoman
You don’t like to show weakness and indeed are often very good at difficult tasks that others avoid. You have a strong sense of duty and shoulder extra responsibilities without complaint.

However, you self-sabotage by:
– failing to ask for help when you are unclear what to do
– taking on too much work because you don’t like to admit you can’t cope
– failing to get co-operation from others because of a lack of sensitivity

The Hustler
You are always in a hurry, your feet don’t touch the ground and you are always balancing a dozen plates in the air at any one time. You are good at getting a lot done and enjoy the buzz and excitement of achievement.

You sabotage things by:
– getting bored part way through the task and leaving it
– being easily distracted
– working sloppily because you want to get on with the next thing
– forgetting work with a long time scale

The Dissident
You are your own person and like to make your own decisions. You like to set your own time-scales and decide for yourself the order in which you complete tasks. You don’t feel the need to get your boss’s approval and in fact quite like the buzz of getting disapproval instead – it confirms your negative feelings. You don’t trust praise whether from your boss or colleagues.

You sabotage yourself by:
– performing below your ability level
– being late for meetings
– failing to meet deadlines
– looking for others to blame when something goes wrong rather than simply fixing it yourself

How often might we protest that:
– it’s others’ fault
– we’re being given too much to do
– too much is expected of us
– there wasn’t enough time or there aren’t enough hours in the day
– and so on….

Here at Bright Horse we know how hard it is to manage and run an effective service, often clients come to us with issues around the tool or a lack of process. As the key to effective service lies in the experience of the customer, it is crucial to consider how and why behaviours manifest and what impacts this can have on delivering great service.

We help clients with many aspects of customer service, from bespoke service skills training courses delivered in house, through to ABC of ICT (Attitude, Behaviour and Culture) Workshops and ITSM Simulation events.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you resource, support and manage effective Service Desk teams – and optimise performance.

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