Service Desk Review

Our Service Desk review is a comprehensive assessment of the key components that comprise the overall service. We will interview and workshop your team and key business stakeholders to assess whether you have the appropriate people, process, policies and technology in place to drive the right behaviours and ultimately improve service.

The output will be a report that contains our observations, analysis and recommendations against which we can help you can prioritise and develop your service improvement plan.

As the customer facing function of IT Services, the Service Desk owns the daily operational relationship with the business community. It is pivotal to the overall perception of service and the ability of IT to support the business demand and changing requirements. If not managed well the Service Desk can become an incredibly stressful place to work, demotivated and unappreciated staff creates high levels of churn in an environment people already perceive to be merely a springboard into other roles.

With pressure to reduce budgets, it is difficult to work out how to deliver improvements. It might be a lack of vision or leadership, or it could simply be that the requirements of the consumers and the service are no longer supported by the tool used. We often encounter organisations that have grown or have changing needs and the tools are not able to be easily reconfigured to accommodate these requirements. Technology can be a major hindrance if badly configured, out of support or just not fit for purpose. But it can also be the key enabler.

Does the culture of the organisation support a service mentality? Is there a strategy in place to ensure the people hired are a good fit for the organisation and the role? Do they have induction, training and personal development plans, reviews and feedback? Do you seek input and feedback from your customers to obtain their view of the service provided?

These questions and many more are addressed during our Service Desk Review, if you feel you would benefit please contact us to discuss further.

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