ITSM Review

‘If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’ (Peter Drucker).

It is not just the measurement of something that is important, you have to take ACTION to make effective changes, and with so many demands you must be able to prioritise what is most important and identify what improvements will have the greatest impact.

It is difficult to prioritise service improvements if you cannot see where the issues are. Most teams are so busy trying to keep up with the demand of daily operations and project delivery. Are the resources stretched or are the processes ineffective? If you have a tool that is so badly configured it constrains good service – what can you do to make things better?

Often people will try to self-diagnose which is ok but has its limitations. It is human nature to see things either worse than they really are, or better than they really are – BUT what you need is an objective view of how things REALLY are.

If you have identified a need for any of the following, we can help:

1. To perform an objective analysis of the quality and consistency of the internal IT Service Management processes and supporting documentation, as they relate to ITIL.

2. To undertake a review of current ITSM tools used to manage and support the IT service. To understand which services are delivered and the technology that underpins those services.

3. To gain insight into the roles and responsibilities of the organisation with specific focus on Service Management, the organisational culture and context and review of communications.

4. To perform a Lean assessment of processes to identify process waste and speed improvement opportunities.

5. To identify and understand the key business services provided by IT and to document them for inclusion into a service catalogue.

Our Approach

Through facilitated workshops and interviews our ITSM Review will identify the key issues and areas for concern across your people, processes, and technology.

Guided by our industry knowledge and experience, combined with best practice, we will make observations on the organisation as a whole and the culture in which you operate.

Reviewing the maturity of processes includes a number of factors from the guiding principles, policies and documentation, review of activities, ownership, accountability and whether there are any bottlenecks and problem with approvals.

From there we will provide you with a concise view on areas for improvement that we will work with you to prioritise based upon business demand.

If you need to know how your IT Services measure up and want to discuss your requirement further – please get in touch.

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