Provision of strategic, operational and cultural change consulting services for improvement programmes.

At Bright Horse, we understand that organisational change and transformation projects require focus at the strategic level, but also at the management and operational level. If you don’t have the time or internal expertise to review and improve service, we can help. Our consultants have many years of experience in ITSM projects.

Cultural Change is key to success and involves good leadership, understanding people’s behaviours, and engaging with them for the journey. Resistance to change is a primary reason for failure.

Conducting a Strategic Review covers assessment of the service management approach including the overall vision people, process, technology, suppliers and partners. This helps to identify a roadmap of improvements for how to deliver against the stated vision.

The Service Desk is the single point of representation for IT services, we can also conduct a Service Desk Review this to see where improvements can be made to this key function.

As part of our overall approach to improving service capability, one of the key success factors is well defined, effectively executed and automated processes. Whether you need help with Process Improvement, design or implementation we can assist.

And if you need help with your ITSM technology our technical consultants can offer a wide range of services to ensure your service is effectively automated.

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