Bright Horse Academy

The Vision

Since its inception the founders of Bright Horse had a vision to create an academy for the recruitment and development of young talent.

Bright Horse are now actively promoting their youth academy programme to take young and intelligent recruits, and put them through a programme of training, skills, knowledge and work experience that ensures they are fully equipped for delivery of effective IT solutions in today’s demanding environments.

With emphasis always on the right attitude, combined with people, process and technology aspects of how organisations achieve success, the academy programme ensures all candidates have a holistic view of these subjects. From inception and development of the programme, the pilot scheme was conducted during 2017 and has proven to be a success.
The structured training and skills paths includes roles for service desk analysts, technical consultants (partner) and service management professional consultants.

The Curriculum

The curriculum includes but is not limited to industry best practice education online and classroom style simulations, work experience, soft skills and business skills such as project management, business analysis, personal effectiveness, report writing and presentation techniques.

Each attendee of the academy is coached and mentored through to their chosen career role with a minimum of 2 weeks work shadowing forming a part of the initial 6-month programme.

The core curriculum is designed for one year to suit the desired development paths for each of the key areas:

– Best Practice Online Learning

To ensure our Bright Sparks have the base level of knowledge required to support development of their capabilities, they have access to our core best practice portfolio online. The portfolio covers the core industry best practices for IT service management including ITIL, COBIT, Lean, Agile and DevOps.

Project management is a key discipline for many roles and as such Bright Horse offer basic entry level options for APM, PMI or PRINCE2.

– Professional Skills Classroom Learning

Soft Skills are delivered in a classroom environment where the benefits of face to face interaction and exercise are realised. These courses cover a range of personal and team building skills including communications, customer care, negotiation, handling conflict etc. Emotional intelligence is key for success with self and with clients.

– Technical Training

Technical training is delivered initially via online training specific to the technology eg Microsoft, Cherwell, Nexthink. From there experience is gained by shadowing the senior consultants and working on elements of live projects. Advanced technical and administration training is provided as part of the technical consultant path.

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Academy Case Studies

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